Silver Island Yoga, Greece

Bookings 2020: Come and enjoy yourself!

  • 13 to 19 June 2021 : 3 Spaces left
  • 20  to 26 June 2021 : 2 Spaces left

I feel very blessed to be returning to the very beautiful Silver Island. I am grateful for the magnificent orange sunrise from the meditation platform that presents each new moment, the silence and the support of mother nature's nurturing grace that holds and supports us through each moment of letting go, acceptance and self discovery. 

Each year a new group of energies come together from all different parts of the world to share, shed, support and journey together in learning to truly understand ourselves better. It starts with honouring and trusting of the group and then of ourselves to arrive, to look deeper and to understand more of who we really are. 

Yoga practice is part of a process to purify the body. It begins with setting a deep intention of what we wish to achieve in the week and what brought us to this sacred space to heal and we are able to leave with a gentle practice or part of one to integrate into daily life. Along with the correct lifestyle and diet the Ishta mala sequence practice clears the nadis balancing the energies of the body. 

A daily practice or part thereof has the ability to bring us back to our true nature, which is one of balance, wholeness and perfection. Nature is our constant reminder and Silver Island provides us with the opportunity to really connect to ourselves in the most beautiful, healing and nurturing space. 

By using simple breathing techniques namely pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation we try to harness the fluctuations of the mind in order to prepare it to glimpse the truth. In this way we are able to reach a deeper understanding where one can realise that yoga is of the nature of infinite awareness, infinite knowing. 

Bookings 2020: Come and enjoy yourself!

  • 13 to 19 June 2021 : 3 Spaces left
  • 20  to 26 June 2021 :2 Spaces left

Come share the Magic. A week to nurture yourself in a loving, supportive environment surrounded by nature. Yoga takes place in each moment...on and off the mat with Silver Island Yoga

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