Her twenty years of dance experience coupled with therapeutic bodywork including yoga, pilates, massage and meditation places Lisa in a unique position to understand body movement and intuitively tailor-make each session according to individual needs.

Lisa’s experience with international clients, as well as corporate marketing and CSI give her the understanding and ability to not only match but exceed client expectations.

She has also worked as a volunteer for The Children of Fire Charity in different squatter camps (mainly Joe Slovo) teaching children Yoga, English, art and reading in order to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds to perform better at school.

Yoga (2002 – present)

Vedanta studies at the Self Knowledge Village in South India.
Advanced Teacher Training with Jim Harrington in Rishikesh India.
Bihar School of Yoga Ashram with Swami Satyananda.
Ishta Yoga Certification
Radiant Child Yoga Program Level 1 & 2
International experience teaching in Morocco, India, Seychelles for Middle Eastern Royalty, Greece, Zanzibar and Vamizi Island Lodge Mozambique, and Londolozi
Specialist Yoga for pregnancy and rehabilitation
Various private and semi private classes
Ashtanga Yoga classes and children’s yoga classes at Ishta Yoga Centre
Experiential Yoga at Melrose Arch and Vida e Cafe
Part time teaching for Yoga Warrior and Virgin Classic Melrose Arch
Voluntary teaching at Joe Slovo Squatter Camp & Entefeni Day Care, Nyanga
Corporate Yoga for Autopage Cellular, Virgin Mobile, Coca- Cola, Vitaminwater and The Platinum Group.

Pilates (2006 – present)

BASI Pilates Teachers Certification
Private and semi private classes on equipment including private mat classes
Corporate Pilates classes for Vitaminwater and The Platinum Group.
Group mat classes at Virgin Classic Melrose Arch and Reform Studios.
International experience teaching in Morocco, Seychelles, Vamizi Island Mozambique, Londolozi and Silver Island